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Adi Mahotsav bhopal From December 19 in Bhopal Haat

Bhopal Adi Mahotsav News : An outstanding festivity of tribal art and culture “Adi Mahotsav” is being organized in Bhopal Haat from December 19 . Tribal artifacts will be displayed and sold from over 100 stalls during the

Mahotsav to be held till the month end. Over 100 tribal artists of 25 states are taking part in the Mahotsav. Special attraction of the Mahotsav is tribal song-music and dance. Tribal artifacts and garments from Jammu

Kashmir to Tamil Nadu besides Gujarat to Nagaland and Sikkim will be displayed and sold in the Mahotsav. It may be mentioned that facility of payment through credit and debit is being made available in all the stalls to

encourage digital payment and e-commerce. Special training has been imparted to the tribal artisans by the State Bank of India in this connection.

It is to be highlighted that Indian population consists of over 8 percent tribal population i.e. over 10 crore tribal population. Tribal has their own different unique original culture and art which reflects distinctive natural

simplicity. No one can stay unimpressed with it. Handicraft of Indian tribal is world famous Hand woven cotton, wool and silk, attractive artifacts wood, metal and terracotta are the main among the handicrafts. The Adi

Mahotsav is being organized on the theme of trade to connect and enlighten modern society with tribal art, culture besides cuisine. Source :

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