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Today I woke up with a thought which I really want to share and it is not a newer thought but another patch of older version.

The biggest mistake we do in our lives is manifesting the things ignoring the fact that we can’t predict what the things in future could turn out to be.

This call came in my mind from one of epic character of Mahabharata called Bhishma and he is known for his pratigyas.

So where he gone wrong had you thought of it and why he did ended thinking his whole life seems to be useless. Its because he take the baggage of old customs whether its right or wrong and consider it as its values and own religion throughout a life either leaving the empire for his step mother, either seeing draupadi crying out in front of all for her.

At the end lord Krishna explains him that religion is not about carrying old baggage ignoring the fact that baggage could lead to good or bad outcome.
So why to manifest future, just do your karma and let control of future would be in my hands. I would see to it.

So now even I want to ask to myself and my friends .
Aren’t we manifest the future without thinking that its against the nature’s call down the line.

#Respect today #Leave future to God.

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