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In Madhya Pradesh around 3183 fatalities among two wheeler accidents due to not wearing helmets

MP. On the occasion of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Day, Resident Doctors Association AIIMS Bhopal, organized a public awareness campaign focusing on Road Traffic Safety in association with Traffic Police Bhopal.
Members of Resident Doctors AIIMS Bhopal gathered at Board Office Square and were welcomed by Superintendent of Traffic Police Mr. Arvind Dubey and Board Office Traffic in charge Mr. Narendra Chaudhary with his team. The team of doctors led by Dr. Anuj Jain, President, Resident Doctors Association, AIIMS Bhopal, educated the general public regarding importance of following traffic rules like wearing helmet, wearing seat belts, avoiding usage of mobile phones during driving with the help of display material and talk to people campaign. The people who were following traffic rules were appreciated by the team RDA.
Doctors also delivered talks highlighting the importance of following traffic rules and its consequences of not following them. They especially highlighted importance of wearing helmet while riding two wheelers which can prevent grievous injuries to head and neck, which can be potentially disfiguring and fatal to the life. Wearing helmets is the most effective strategy for preventing injuries from crash and fall. Scratches on arms and knees are easier to heal as compared to a serious damage to head which might cause death.
Statistics suggest that approximately 98 two wheeler users per day lost their lives because of not wearing helmet and approximately 79 four wheelers drivers/per day lost their lives for not wearing seat belts all over the country. In Madhya Pradesh around 3183 fatalities among two wheeler accidents due to not wearing helmets.
Wearing helmet will reduce such impact and prevent chances of getting severe head injury. Studies have revealed that one of the major cause of death in two wheeler accidents is a failure of riders to wear helmet and follow traffic safety. In addition, helmets also reduce accidents due to vision obstruction caused by wind, dust or dirt.
Dr. Anuj Jain, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon by profession and President of Resident Doctors Association said that one of the most common areas of body which is affected in accidents is face. This is highly disturbing to patients as nobody likes any disfigurement or scars on face. Facial fractures if occurred disturbs facial cosmetics and functions like eating, vision and speech.
This drive was really impactful and it was seen that some people wore helmets on the spots after being educated by RDA doctors, many people appreciated the doctors for coming out of the hospital and working for this noble cause, many of the vehicle riders pledged that they will always follow traffic rules. The people who were not wearing helmets or seat belts were not fined but educated. This campaign of Resident Doctors Association was highly appreciated by Superintendent of Traffic of police and his team.
The doctors participated in this noble cause were Dr. Ayush Naik, Dr, Vivek Chouksey, Dr. Manish Mukati, Dr. Brinda Patel, Dr. Daideepya Bhargava, Dr. Manoj Yadav, Mr. Yogesh Gautam, Dr. Bindushree Arvindakshan, Dr. Priyanka Sariwan, Dr. Silvya Isac, Dr. Harendra Chaurasiya, Dr. Abhimanyu Ganguly, Mr. Mohammad Aadam Bin Najeeb, Dr. Sana Mariyam.

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